Ancestral Astronomy in the Community of Coyo, San Predro de Atacama

Ayllu de Coyo Shelter: ancestral connection, nature and magic in just one place.

Do you need to get away from the stress and enjoy water with unique benefits for your skin? Do not waste more time and live an unforgettable experience in the Coyo community’s magic shelter located in the Atacama salt flat.

In this place —also known as Tebenquiche Healing Center, you will discover the benefits of the ancestral medicine, and enjoy therapeutic massages in the Likan Antai way, who will teach you how to take care of your body in harmony with nature.

At sunset, colors play the lead in the Tebenquiche Lagoon. Enjoy a delicious cocktail in the shelter surrounded by a unique landscape. Moreover, this place is ideal for family visits, since the little ones adore seeing the local flora and fauna —species that keep tradition and beauty in San Pedro de Atacama.

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