Tulor Village, archaeological treasure protected by the Community of Coyo

The history of San Pedro de Atacama is unique. Twelve thousand years ago, these lands had indigenous peoples living here, that changed from nomadic communities to sedentism thanks to the development of agriculture, as well as Atacama people who defended their territory until the arrival of Incas. The town that was once a place of passage is now the center of tourism in the north of Chile.

Getting to know the life style of the ancient Atacama people; transiting the streets of this village and imagining them inhabit their homes —that were raised above the land they adore; seeing the walls that protected them from cold, among other experiences, make you get closer to the settlers that centuries ago took the same steps that you will give through the desert today.

Tulor Village, Pukará de Quitor and San Pedro are just some of the sites that trace the history of the Atacama valley. In addition, they are a way of getting to know the legacy that the Likan Antai have left in the same place that, respectfully, you will visit now.